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The economic crisis in Greece is affecting all areas of life there, but young, talented Greek athletes are feeling a unique type of pain.

The New York Times reports that Greek athletes “are feeling the sting of austerity measures,” from lack of regular stipends to take care of their families to lack of adequate training equipment. The situation is so dire that, as one reporter put it, “Greeks will compete in London, but they will perhaps be limping a bit at the opening ceremony.”

Today, in partnership with the Athens Committee of Chicago Sister Cities International, we’re launching an unprecedented grassroots fundraising drive to help strengthen Greece’s Olympic team.

Can you donate just $10 today to help fuel the Olympic spirit during this time of crisis?

Here are the details of our campaign:

1.Your contribution will be sent directly to the Olympic Committee in Greece. That Committee will disperse 100% of those funds to athletes who have qualified to compete in the 2012 Olympics.

2.No matter what amount you give — $10 or $100 – your donation will be matched 100% by donors who have already pledged to help fuel this grassroots campaign.

3.Our organization isn’t going to keep a dime. Every single penny will go directly to the Help Greece Go For Gold Campaign. All administration, marketing, and design costs are being absorbed by HALC. This way, you can be sure that your donations go directly to assistance efforts for young Greek athletes, not administrative costs.

If you watched the Athens 2004 Olympics or any Olympic event since then, you know the sense of pride and hope that comes from watching Greece’s youth compete with the love of Greece in their hearts. We want to keep that sense of pride and hope alive during the 2012 London Olympics.

Can you chip in $10 today to help Greece’s Olympic Team?



Endy Zemenides

Executive Director

Hellenic American Leadership Council