Greek Opposition Leader Discusses Economic Challenges

Washington, DC

Alexis Tsipras, Leader of the Greek Syriza party, discussed the economy of Greece and Europe at the Brookings Institution.

The Syriza party, a left-leaning Greek political party, is currently in opposition to Greece’s Prime Minister Antonis Samaras and his center-right New Democracy party. The Syriza party is seeking to nullify austerity imposed by the European Union as a condition for shoring up the weak Greek economy.

According to a BBC Profile, Alexis Tsipras began his political career as a protester for educational rights and serves as a member of parliament for Athens.

William J. Antholis, Managing Director of The Brookings Institution and a Senior Fellow in Governance Studies introduced the Greek politician and participated in a discussion following his remarks, along with Domenico Lombardi, Senior Fellow in Global Economy and Development.