Zissis sues McDonald’s

Anastassia Zissis is set to sue fast food giant McDonald’s for injuries sustained when she slipped outside of their restaurant in Adelaide.

The 60-year-old cleaner slipped on liquid that had been spilled in an access passage at the back of the company’s Myer Centre outlet in Rundle Mall in October 2008 and is now suing McDonald’s and the building’s manager, Colonial First State Property Management, in South Australia’s District Court.

Ms Zissis claims that she injured her neck, lower back and buttocks and has suffered from headaches and psychological injuries which have impaired her ability to lead a normal life and return to full employment, as appeared in documents presented to the court.

She claims that the dropped liquid was a result of negligence by McDonald’s staff so to was the lack of warning of the hazard by both the defendants.

Her husband, Mr Angelo Zissis is also joining the fight against McDonalds claiming that since the incident he has suffered a loss of companionship, services and assistance as a result of his wife’s injuries.

Both McDonald’s and Colonial First State Property Management have denied the claim with McDonald’s stating the spill was obvious and that Ms Zissis was not wearing proper footwear, adding the injuries were caused by Ms Zissis’ own negligence. Colonial First State also denies it had a duty of care to Ms Zissis and argues she was obliged to inspect and clean the area. The company also argued that her injuries were temporary and that she has now fully recovered.

The matter will return to court in March.