NSW lower house recognises Greek genocide

NSW is Australia’s first state to recognise the genocides and hopes are that other states will follow.

The New South Wales Parliament’s Legislative Assembly (Lower House) adopted a unanimous motion recognising the Armenian, Assyrian and Greek genocides. This follows a similar motion passed by the NSW Parliament Legislative Council (Upper House) last week.

This motion, introduced by Premier of New South Wales Barry O’Farrell, formally recognised the Assyrian and Greek genocides, while at the same time reaffirming the historical reality of the Armenian genocide.

Last week’s Legislative Council motion was introduced by the Hon. Rev Fred Nile. That motion was also passed unanimously.
This comes as the result of the combined advocacy efforts of the Armenian National Committee of Australia, the Assyrian Universal Alliance, and the Australian Hellenic Council.

NSW is Australia’s first state to have recognised the Armenian genocide in 1997 and hopes are other states will follow in recognising all genocides.