International Colloquy Sydney 2013- Parthenon an icon of global citizenship

Only 6 months left for this important event. The second International Colloquy will be held in Sydney on 15-17 November 2013. Visit the Colloquy’s Website for more information.

From Latin colloquium “conversation,” “a speaking together”
From co– “together” + –loquium“speaking,”

Dennis Tritaris
Secretary and Public Affairs Officer.

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Acropolis Museum’s Parthenon Gallery. Photo D.Tritaris, August 2012


The British newspaper The Sunday Times places the Acropolis Museum third in a list of the best 50 museums of the world, despite some criticism when it opened about its cement facade.

“The Acropolis Museum, a shiny new home for the host of the most important legacies of classical civilization, is located on the ancient road that leads to the Holy Rock, on which the majestic Parthenon rises above Athens. Hundreds of thousands of visitors arrive every year to watch the cultural wonders of a glorious past, which stand flooded with natural light, having the admirable view of the original temple as its evocative background,” the paper reported.  (Source Greek Reporter 14 May 2013)

Watch this interesting video on YouTube by director Vanias Vlachodimitropoulos

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