All of them are fate.A script proposal for Australians and new Zealander produsers.

All of them are fate.Script. With frames the hardness of events of A΄World War in the East, a Turkish soldier, Imit Ifetli will demonstrate incredible bravery and generosity toward his opponent on the battlefield, but also deep affection for the young girl who was trapped in a brothel in Constantinople. These two persons, the New Zealander Major Michael Mason and Armenian Dylan will be the occasion for telling a story of bravery, friendship and passion that are born and flourish in the harsh environment of relentless war. A hymn to free man who does not lose his humanity when everything collapses around him The film is inquisitive viewers around the world and borrows it’s power of the U.S. production film ‘Deer Hunder’. In Australia and New Zealand, retain memories of the First World War, and particularly since the deadly battle of Kallipolis. The script refers to this fact, and the special relationship that developed the two faces of our history, the Turkish Imit Ifetli and New Zealander James Mason. The proposal may be interested in some Australian and New Zealander channel or production company. Michael Kokkinaris,Writter

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