Greek islands top best value destinations

Travel Guide makers, Lonely Planet has named the Greek islands as their top best value destination for 2014.
The iconic islands have risen to the top spot thanks to the crisis crunch reducing prices and the drop of tourists making it easier to get around.
“Greece still does what it’s done brilliantly for generations,” the writers at Lonely Planet summarise.
“What’s missing are visitor numbers from previous years, and prices have come down in an attempt to woo them back.
“Combined with the chance to explore Greece’s more popular sights with fewer visitors, this means that in 2014 it offers remarkable value.”
Greece is joined by various good value destinations, including a close neighbours, Bulgaria, and Southern Italy.
The Australian tourist mecca, Fiji also made the list for being an “affordable paradise”, but pushes tourists to island hop and get away from the main drag. Its neighbour, the Philippines also makes the list, singling out Palawan for its beautiful and pristine beaches and its affordable activities.
For the more adventurous, Africa’s Ethiopia gained a spot, but Lonely Planet warned of the hidden costs for tourists not wanting to make the trek alone.
“This is one slice of Africa that rewards the curious as well as the deep-pocketed.”
Lonely Planet also named Adelaide as one of the top ten best cities to visit in 2014, beating out Auckland in New Zealand for ninth place. Paris topped the list, alongside Trinidad in Cuba and Cape Town in South Africa. Australia also made an apperance in the top ten regions to visit in 2014, with The Kimberleys taking out second place.

Top 10 list of best value destinations:
1. Greek Islands
2. Italy’s horn
3. Nicaragua
4. Bulgaria
5. Portugal
6. Fiji
7. Mexico
8. Karnataka, India
9. Palawan, the Philippines
10. Ethiopia

Top 10 cities:
1. Paris, France
2. Trinidad, Cuba
3. Cape Town, South Africa
4. Riga, Latvia
5. Zurich, Switzerland
6. Shanghai, China
7. Vancouver, Canada
8. Chicago, USA
9. Adelaide, Australia
10. Auckland, New Zealand