Thanks for Your Help George Clooney! Let’s Bring the Parthenon Sculptures HOME!

Source: Global Greek World

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Thank you George Clooney for taking on the Brits!
Go to the British Museum and see the STOLEN Parthenon sculptures, then come to Greece and see why they have to come home…

Accept the Greek Culture Minister’s invitation to visit Greece’s unique archaeological sites and  The Monuments Men, will take on a whole new dimension!

Oh and by the way, the next time the Brits talk about the ‘Elgin’ Marbles, please remind them of one little thing they want to forget…
that Elgin STOLE them…
There are no such things as the Elgin Marbles.
‘There is a Michael Angelo David.
There is a Da Vinci Venus.
There is a Praxitelles Hermes.
There is a Turner ‘Fishermen at Sea’.
There are no Elgin Marbles!’
Melina Mercouri,
Minister of Culture, Greece

in her speech to the Oxford Union  in 1986

There are NO Elgin Marbles.

Elgin STOLE them from the Parthenon.

They are the PARTHENON Marbles.

The PARTHENON Sculptures.

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