The Spring Awakening of our Ancestors A Celebration of our Glorious Liberation

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March 24, 2015
A message from our Chairman Chris P. Tomaras


The Spring Awakening of our Ancestors

A Celebration of our Glorious Liberation


We would like to take this moment to recognize March 25, 2015 as the 194th anniversary of the Greek Uprising, known as Greek Independence Day. This day commemorates the war waged by Greek revolutionaries who decided to take a stance against oppression once and for all. Today, we honor the heroes of the Revolution of 1821, who sacrificed their lives to secure liberty for their descendants. 


In the United States alone, we have almost three million people who identify as having Hellenic ancestry. These Greek-American families prove through their successes and perseverance that the struggle of our ancestors was not in vain. The hard work of Greek immigrant families prevails with small and large businesses encompassing the country’s borders. In addition, first, second, and third generation Greek Americans have contributed meaningfully to our society as doctors, lawyers, educators, other professionals, and civic servants.

Here at the PanHellenic Scholarship Foundation, we continue to promote the impact of this generation’s achievements by offering scholarships to the best and brightest students of Hellenic descent. Undoubtedly, our ancestors would be proud.

Today, it is my honor to recognize the heroes of our past, but also the heroes of our present day, who strive to make life better for our brothers and sisters here and throughout the Diaspora. In admiration and in pride, let us honor the memory of all of those who made our freedom possible and celebrate the meaning of this Greek Independence Day. 


Long Live March 25th

Ζήτω η 25η Μαρτίου

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