From Vienna to Tripolis the distance is long.

From Vienna to Tripolis the distance is long.

But we live in the same country, EU.

We share the same currency, Euro.

But mainly we share common principles and values for the Human Civilization.IMG_4516 (1)

So, Alexis, Our Contemporary Great Alexander of All Greeks, not only from our beloved homeland but also from all round in the world that Greeks live, bring the Great Agreement, Cut the Gordian Knot, and Save our Country from the Cataclysmic Catastrophe.

Nobody in Greece or abroad will accuse you and altogether with you, we will make our country again a proud and rich nation!

Do not let, not even a chance, for planning a Greek Exit or Greek Accident or Greek Limbo…

We, the Modern Greeks, do not deserve such a miserable future.

Panos Evangelopoulos


After a very long discussion in Vienna with a remarkable Austrian Official who has his own property in Greece, fanatic in favor of Greece, but so desperate and convinced that this time the worst scenario for Greece is going to be real very-very unavoidably.

I have to underline only that the Austrian Official is Christian Democrat, strong supporter of the social market economy, full interventionist, and traditional conservative.

In Greece he loves New Democracy but he was very disappointed with Samaras.

I told to him that Samaras is politically dead and New Democracy very close to be like him.

But like Lazar, Samaras will be again arisen in the case of a terrible failure of the Greek Government of SYRIZA-ANEL.

In Greece, you never know what the future brings, especially in Politics.

Great Statesmen like Aristides, Miltiades, Themistocles, were punished by the Athenians very democratically with ostracism.

He replied me Eleftherios Venizelos as well. You ostracized the man who doubled the Modern Greece.

The picture is from our ordinary family cycling in Wien.

Wien is always cool and beautiful but the real beauty belongs to my beloved Tripolis.

On Monday again on the slopes of the Great Mainalon!!!