The Glory of Our Gala Past Recipients with a Purpose

Chicago, IL, June 9, 2015 – After several years and 324 recipients later, we are thrilled to see that some of the “best and brightest” Greek-American individuals are furthering their education and succeeding in their fields. From Yale Law graduates to published authors, we are confident that our efforts and the continuous support from our donors hold true and tangible value. We contacted previous award recipients from the PanHellenic Honors Society, and we are happy to share their professional and personal successes.  Eleni Christou, a 2012 award recipient and member of the Peace Corps, currently lives in a small village in the Moroccan Sahara Desert where she works primarily with women and youth.  Eleni Siderias, a 2007 award recipient, is a doctorate student at Columbia University. She has written two children’s books and is married with a daughter. William Menegas, a 2008 award recipient and graduate of the University of Chicago, is a Ph.D. candidate at Harvard University where he studies the neural circuits underlying decision-making and addiction.  Amalia V. Stavropoulos, a 2010 award recipient in pursuit of her medical degree, is completing her two clinical years at the world-renowned Sheba Medical Centre in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Our “best and brightest” Greek-American students may have pursued different paths from one another, but they all have at least one thing in common: their gratitude towards the Foundation.  Kathy Rodogiannis states, “Not too long ago, I was not sure whether college would be a reality for me because of my low socio-economic status. This scholarship symbolizes hope and fluidity-that one is not confined to the environment he finds himself in, but through hard work, determination, and faith in God, can reach levels of which he (or she!) did not dream.  As a first generation Greek-American and college student, I feel an overwhelming obligation to my family, church, community, and to the Foundation to succeed and make a valuable contribution to society.” 

To the Foundation, the success of our students is essential. Therefore, every year, we hold our annual Awards Gala to praise and congratulate these students, whose success stories from the start have unimaginable potential.  On Saturday, June 20th at the Hilton Chicago, we will come together again, as a community, to celebrate our Greek-American youth while enjoying dinner and entertainment by the Chris Sarlas Orchestra. Please visit our website to purchase tickets or call (312) 357-6432. We hope to see you there!