Guidelines for the Georgia Sfondouris Mitchell Music & Arts Scholarships

Guidelines for the Georgia Sfondouris Mitchell 
Music & Arts Scholarships
Chicago, IL – In 2014, the George A. Paterakis Family generously donated $500,000 to the PanHellenic Scholarship Foundation. Georgia Mitchell, a great supporter of the Foundation, made this donation possible. As a result of this gift, the Foundation is now able to award two $10,000 scholarships annually in the fields of music and the arts. These awards are named The Georgia Sfondouris Mitchell Music & Arts Scholarships.
The Foundation is incorporating additional guidelines for the Music & Arts Scholarships within the already-existing application. If you are a music or arts major applying for either the $10,000 or $2,500 scholarship awards, you are required to submit samples of your artwork or musical performance, in addition to the scholarship requirements. Please visit our website to download the updated 2015/16 Scholarship Application.
The PanHellenic Scholarship Foundation awards $250,000 annually to college students who demonstrate academic success and have the desire to succeed. As one of the largest scholarship award institutions in the United States, the Foundation believes education is at the core of one’s personal growth and enlightenment. Providing financially meaningful scholarships ensures that students whose talents and demonstrated abilities have the resources they need to pursue their educational goals.
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