The Impactful Life of Chris P. Tomaras

Chicago, IL – Chris P. Tomaras, who passed away on October 14, 2015, was a renowned businessman, philanthropist, and venerated international citizen. He led a truly remarkable life. After enduring tragedy in Greece at a young age and overcoming challenges upon immigrating to the United States, he threw himself into his work and prospered as a self-made entrepreneur.
Mr. Tomaras was known to be extremely dedicated to his work. As the founder of Kronos Foods, Tomaras Investments, and the PanHellenic Scholarship Foundation, he left a significant and enduring legacy of all he built and accomplished in his lifetime.
While Mr. Tomaras diligently managed and grew his businesses in the food industry for many years, he dedicated the latter part of his life to philanthropy. He founded The PanHellenic Scholarship Foundation in 1998 in an effort to increase the educational opportunities for Greek youth, develop future leaders, and contribute to American society as a whole. Along with the Foundation, Mr. Tomaras was also involved in and supported many organizations and groups in order to give back to the Greek American community. Additionally, Mr. Tomaras was a devoted Greek Orthodox Christian throughout his life, and was an Archon of the Order of St. Andrews of the Ecumenical Patriarchate.
Chris Tomaras will be remembered for his love of Hellenism, his business acumen, his passionate faith, his philanthropic spirit, and his devotion to friends, family and those in need. Please read more about Mr. Tomaras’ extraordinary life and his many accomplishments here.

By PanHellenic Scholarship Foundation