Greek-American Mike Siderakis runs for State Senate at Suffolk’s 2nd District

New York.- In the 2018 New York State Senate election, Democrats came close to win the 2nd District in the Suffolk County, held for the last 16 years by Minority Leader John Flanagan.  (R-East Northport), who used to win every election by 2 to 1 margin. Now that Flanagan decided to retire, after spending 34 years in Albany, the seat is wide open, with the Democrats having a real opportunity to win and further expand their lead in the State Senate.

Retired State Trooper, Mike Siderakis is the Democratic candidate, running against Republican Mario Mattera, a member of Plumbers Local Union 200 and currently the business agent for the union.

Greek American Mike Siderakis has spent the last 28 years serving as a New York State Trooper, adhering to the State Police vision: “To serve, protect and defend the people, while preserving the rights and dignity of all.”

“I’m running for State Senate in New York’s Second District to continue my service to the people of New York and to protect suburban interests on Long Island. Throughout my career in law enforcement, I’ve worked various assignments within the State Police, including the search and recovery efforts at Ground Zero, TWA Flight 800 and the Protective Services Unit under the last three Governors in New York. As the 2nd Vice President and Legislative Director of the NY Troopers PBA, I developed a unique understanding and appreciation for the importance of strong unions and protecting workers rights.”

Mike Siderakis was a first responder at Ground Zero, where he saw the devastation and loss of life first hand.

“Our nation was in shock and we were all afraid and worried about what could happen next. But we pulled together and we came out of the crisis stronger. As we face the current crisis with COVID-19, I know we’ll do the same. Government’s top priority should be to support all doctors, nurses, and essential workers during this incredibly difficult time. And that means making sure our front line workers have the proper equipment and medical coverage to fight the Coronavirus pandemic.”

In his message to the constituents he says that this campaign is not about him, but about working together to protect our way of life on Long Island.

“I bought my first home on Long Island 25 years ago and have since raised three beautiful children here. In that time, I’ve seen our property taxes triple and our young people leaving in droves. As the next Senator for the 2nd District, I will make sure our community has a seat at the table in Albany.” Apostolos Zoupaniotis