Donations of the Association of German Greek Friendship

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Donations of the Association of German Greek Friendship “Filia Velbert” with the cooperation of the Secretary-General of Hellenism Giannis Chrysoulakis.
Every opportunity to contribute in practice to the needs of our countrymen along with homogeneity and with the philhellenic movement brings us closer to unsung heroes inside and outside the border, with those who take care of human daily. The General Secretariat of the Abroad of Hellenism will promote and support these initiatives and continue with enthusiasm the labor efforts to unite Greeks inside and outside the border. We encourage the benefit and donations with social character from homogeneity to the Homogeneity.
So today together with the wonderful Vice-President of the German-Greek Friendship Association “Filia Velbert”, Mr. Lazaros Papaioannou, we distributed a large number of donations sent by German expats and philhellenes, members of the Club, making a short trip with 5 stops to Epirus.
The first stop was in the Municipality of Parga, where the presence of the Mayor Mr. N.Zacharia, Vice-Pyrarch B. Yannos and the director of the 7th paramedics region, Mr. M.Tsovili, we delivered medical machinery, health material and firebrigade support materials. Then the delivery of office machinery was delivered to the Port Corps of Igoumenitsa in the presence of Commander Mr. Sourvinou, executives of the Coast Guard and the Port Organization of Igoumenitsa. The tradition, in the presence of Pyrarch L. Gioka, at the Igoumenitsa Fire Department, from stretcher-beds, escape chairs and other materials useful in the Fire Brigade. At the Social Pharmacy of the Municipality of Igoumenitsa, in the presence of all its executives serving the citizen, the Deputy Mayor of Social Policy, Mr. Ilias Lolis received large quantities of medical material. Last stop the Police Department of Thesprotia, where the delivery and receipt of logistical equipment to meet the needs of various Services of Thesprotia Police Department.
This event was attended by the General Regional Police Director of Epirus, Brigadier Konstantinos Douvalis, the Director of the Police Department of Thesprotia, Police Director Ioannis Pappas, Deputy Director of Thesprotia Police Department, Police Director Christos Grivas, and the President of Police Officer of Thesprotia Mr. Basil Nakos.
During the event, the General Regional Police Director of Epirus and the Director of the Police Department of Thesprotia expressed their warmest thanks for this kind offer, which is a practical recognition of the offer and work of the Greek Police, while awarded an honorary license and an honorable tablet to the representative of the above club.
The Association of German Greek Friendship has continued its very important work with donations to Schools, Police, Hospitals, Fire Department, Nursing homes, disabled children and Coast Guard. The Deputy Minister K.Vlassis and I as Secretary-General of Hellenism, always highlight all the relevant initiatives, which are an example to imitate and mark the great love of our distinguished expats, such as the tireless benefactor of Mr. Lazaros Papaioannou. Thank you “Filia Velbert” for your huge offer to our Homeland.