Truth Seekers: We can learn about

Coming soon, the Central Youth Committee of NSW is launching a new series with His Grace Bishop Emilianos of Meloa titled ‘Truth Seekers’.

The Central Youth Committee (CYC) of New South Wales, established in 1989, is a committee under the auspices of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of Australia.

They set their mission statement as “unity which strengthens the youth of our Holy Orthodox Church and cultivates the renewal and development of their faith.”

Following the largest ever youth Conference held in New South Wales, ‘Assemble 2020’, youth and young adults of Australia submitted 100+ questions regarding their Greek Orthodox religion.

The new series answers the questions and seeks the truth.

“How can we believe in something that can’t be scientifically proven?”

“As a teenager, how can we avoid being self conscious?”

“What do Christians believe happens after death?”

First episode coming soon!