“We must continue the pressure against Turkey”

Supreme President George G. Horiates calls on every member of AHEPA to maintain the pressure and the fight against Turkey.  Although the despotic leader of Turkey has worked behind the scenes to advance his agenda, the AHEPA holds steady to preserving and Defending Hellenism. Since 1922 AHEPA has been in the forefront, working hard to maintain our history and heritage.  Hagia Sophia is only the most current example of an agenda which is retroactive rather than peaceful.

The Turkish Republic is crumbling and transforming into the modern Ottoman Caliphate with no end in sight.  This current regressive posturing and the anti-western sentiment in Turkey is dangerous.  The Greek presence in Turkey has been dwindling over time and now with less than 1500 Hellenes left, our footprint will be washed away forever.  Our Patriarchate, the seat of our Orthodox Church is in jeopardy as are the Human rights and Religious freedoms of every man, woman and child who is not blindly following this arrogant leader. A free and open society provides for a more secure and prosperous region.

AHEPA will fight for the rights of Western Civilization, and for our members who currently live in Turkey.  We are every present in sustaining pressure on the US State Dept, the EU and any other governmental body who can make Turkey back down.  We may have lost Hagia Sophia to Mehmet II in 1452, but Constantinople will forever be part of our existence.

AHEPA calls for the continuation of boycott of Turkey and Turkish products and the call for Sanctions.  Let’s work together to “hit em where it hurts”


Aselsan /Weapons manufacturing, software, security systems, road traffic toll booths.

Baykar/ Makina UAVs, C4I, artificial intelligence

BMC/ Military and civilian vehicles, tanks.

Divan/ Turizm Hotels in Turkey, Bakur and Bashur

Ford/ Otosan Joint venture between Koç group and Ford Motor Company Godiva Chocolates

Grundig/ Grundig is a brandname owned by Arçelik, domestic appliances (including televisions and radios), consumer electronics, personal care products

Havelsan/ Turkish government-owned corporation. Produces military software, surveillance and intelligence systems

Koç/ Conglomerate of 113 companies: Akpa, Arçelik – the electronics and home appliances division which includes Beko and Grundig.,Ark İnşaat, Aygaz, Beko – popular white goods brand, Bilkom, Defy Appliances, Demir Export, Ditaş Deniz İşletmeciliği ve Tankerciliği A.Ş., Divan Turizm – Owns hotels and restaurants/patisseries, Düzey, Elektra Bregenz, Entek Elektrik Üretimi, Ford Otosan – Joint venture with Ford, Grundig – Popular elctronics and white goods brand, Inventeram, Koç School, Koç University, Koçfinans, Koçta, KoçSistem, Koçtaş Yapı Marketleri, Marmaris Altınyunus, Migros Ticaret – Supermarket chain, Opet, Otokar – producer of military vehicles and tanks, Promena Elektronik Ticaret, RMK Marine – Producer of yachts and naval vehicles, Ram Dış Ticaret, S.C. Arctic, Setair Hava, Taşımacılığı ve Hizm, Setur Marinaları Marina ve Yat İşletmeciliği, Setur Servis Turistik, Tanı Pazarlama ve İletişim Hizmetleri, Tat Gıda Sanayi, Tofaş Türk Otomobil Fabrikası, Türk Traktör ve Ziraat, Makinalar, Tüpraş, Yapı Kredi, Zer Merkezi Hizmetler

MKEK/  Arms manufacturer

PEGASUS AIRLINES (Pegasus Hava Tasimaciligi A.S)

Roketsan Missiles, armor, software

SunExpress (Güneş Ekspress Havacılık A.Ş.) – Airline

Our Ask

The American Hellenic community continues to be alarmed about Turkey’s provocative behavior that challenges American security interests and threatens NATO allies and strategic partners of the United States in the Eastern Mediterranean and Middle East.

Ø We urge the Administration to condemn Turkey for its actions in the Aegean that violate international norms.

Ø The United States must impose sanctions on Turkey. Secretary Pompeo, we ask you to utilize your authority, as delegated to you by President Donald Trump by Executive Order 13849 on September 21, 2018, to work in consultation with Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, to impose sanctions on Turkish entities pursuant to Section 231 of CAATSA, for their acquisition of Russian-made S-400 missiles, as the United States rightfully imposed on Chinese entities in 2018.

All of as AHEPAns need to be prepared to act!  Turkey turned Agia Sophia into a mosque, now they are pushing the envelope with Greece.  The tyrant fascist dictator in Turkey has gone over the edge, and AHEPA will fight his despicable actions.

WE are pushing for the Sanction Turey campaign.