Greek-American Leaders Criticize Capitol Riot, Call for Unity

Phοto: Charlie Crist, ChrisPappas,   Dina Titus, Gus Bilirakis, John Sarbanes,

All six Greek American members of the House of Representatives condemned the violent invasion that occurred on Wednesday and disrupted the meeting to confirm the vote of the College of Electors. The Republicans Nicole Malliotakis and Gus Bilirakis didn’t mention who were the invaders and what motivated their actions.

New York Republican Nicole Malliotakis, had decided to cosign on the effort to challenge the process.

“It doesn’t matter if it’s 10 or 10k or 100k illegal votes. It doesn’t matter if it’s enough to change election results. This is about rooting out fraud, holding those who commit it accountable & ensuring the integrity of our election system which is the foundation of this nation,” she had Twitted on Tuesday.

Following the invasion, she posted on her Twitter account.

Nicol Malliotakis


My staff and I are safe and have been brought to a secure location by the Capitol Police. Everyone who is responsible for this violence and lawlessness must stop. This is absolutely unnacceptable and un-American.

A couple of hours later she posted:


Thank you to the @CapitolPolice

and all law enforcement for all they are doing to restore order at the Capitol and to keep us safe. I condemn in the strongest terms those who are participating in violence and lawlessness. They must be arrested and prosecuted!

Florida Republican Gus Bilirakis was diagnosed with Covid-19 and he didn’t attend the Congress meetings. He posted on his Twitter account during the invasion:


My staff has been told to shelter in place for their safety, and I am watching the scene at the Capitol unfold.  While I support the Constitutionally-protected right for peaceful protest, some of the images I am seeing on the news do not constitute a peaceful demonstration. (1/2)


These unruly behaviors are completely unacceptable and place law enforcement and countless individuals in harm’s way. (2/2)

Democrat Dina Titus from Nevada posted on Twitter:


As I shelter in place, lawless domestic terrorists encouraged by the President of the United States are attempting to destroy our democracy. They will not succeed.

Rep. John Sarbanes (D, MD) posted:


Today’s rhetoric from President Trump and the violent actions of his supporters struck at the heart of our democracy. I am safe. The Capitol is now secure.

My colleagues and I will continue to carry out our Constitutional duties and finish counting the Electoral College votes.

Democratic congressman Chris Pappas from New Hampshire posted:


Evacuated our office and was told by Capitol police outside to get as far away from the complex as I safely could. The atmosphere outside the Capitol is highly, highly charged, and we all know exactly why. I hope to get back as soon as I can to confirm the election results.

Democratic Congressman Charlie Crist from Florida posted:


I am shocked at the heartbreaking, anti-American events we have witnessed in our United States Capitol today. I urge my fellow Americans to reject this false, unpatriotic, and harmful misinformation, cease the violence, and honor the will of the voters. Peaceful protest is a sacred right enshrined in our Constitution, but this is not peace, it’s insurrection.

Congress will reconvene and do the work of the people. The election will be certified.