Nicole Malliotakis: The United States represents the world’s best hope for peace and freedom

On the occasion of the birthday celebration of Martin Luther King, Jr., a national holiday of the United States,on Jan. 18, Greek-American Senator Nicole Malliotakis sent the following e-mail to Panhellenic Post:


“The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of Comfort and Convenience, but where he stands at times of Challenge and Controversy.”

~Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Strength to Love 1963

These words of Dr. Martin Luther King ring as true today as they did nearly six decades ago.

Dr. King achieved lasting change through his belief in nonviolence and civility. Despite the challenges he faced, Dr. King remained committed to his principles and stood firm through adversity—bringing people together and changing our country forever.

The United States represents the world’s best hope for peace and freedom. While our democracy is being tested by divisions that tear at the fabric our nation, we must remember Dr. King’s lessons, commit ourselves to meeting the challenges of this moment and bring Americans of all walks of life together once again.

On this day of remembrance, let’s focus on restoring civility to the great public debate that is American democracy and embracing Dr. King’s work to change hearts through his loving words. In so doing, we will truly honor Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s legacy.

Nicole Malliotakis
U.S. Representative>>