Syntagma Square – The renovation works in the lower square begin

Reconstruction and renovation work begins today in the lower Syntagma Square, in the public space bordered by Filellinon, Karagiorgi Serbias and Mitropoleos streets.

The planning of the start of the project in mid-August and the planning of the individual technical works, has been done with the main aim of causing the least possible disturbance in the movement of people and vehicles, as reported by the Municipality of Athens.

Particularly :

There is no change in the width of the road. The three lanes of the vehicles remain as they are. The service of mass transit passengers will continue to be provided by the existing bus and trolley lines and the existing stops.

Throughout the work, the services of the Municipality of Athens (technical crews and municipal police) will ensure the smooth and safe passage of people who move, work, and do their shopping in the area.

Special care has been taken for easy access to the shops located in front of the Lower Square.