KYSEA: Priority remains to evacuate Afghans who assisted Greek forces

Greece’s priority following the collapse of Afghanistan is the safe evacuation of individuals who cooperated with the Greek armed forces when they were deployed in the country, along with their families, the country’s top decision-making body on foreign affairs and defense matters, KYSEA, decided on Wednesday.

The actions required for their evacuation is coordinated by the Foreign Ministry.

The body, which was chaired by Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis, also discussed the fast developing situation in Afghanistan and plans to protect Greece’s border from a possible new wave of migrants.

According to government officials, Greek authorities are “on alert both at land and sea to prevent illegal entry into the country.”

Athens expects that Turkey will use again migration as a lever of pressure on the EU, which will have a direct impact on the Greek border, and its involvement in Afghanistan as an argument to promote its other regional plans.