Athens municipal council adopts solidarity resolution for Fredi Beleri

A resolution of support and solidarity for the elected ethnic Greek Mayor of Himare Fredi Beleri, who remains detained by Albanian authorities since May 12, was adopted on Monday by Athens City municipal council, following a proposal by Mayor of Athens Kostas Bakoyannis.

Beleri won the mayoral race in southern Albania on May 14, but remains detained by court order following suspicions of alleged voter bribery.

His associate, Panteli Kokaveshi, also an ethnic Greek, was also remanded in custody for the same case.

The Athens municipal council also stated that “the neighboring country is called upon to harmonize with European policies, providing conditions of safety and protection of private and community property and with respect for self-governing institutions and human life,” it was noted, while “it must immediately release the two men, following the rules of International Law.”

The ethnic Greek minority in Alabania “is entitled to enjoying its freedom, with respect to its peculiarities, historical identity and traditions,” it was added.

Present in the assembly were Fredi Beleri’s son Petros Beleri and brother Leonardos Beleri, and the President of the Athens Himare Association Thodoris Goumas.