Athens-Thessaloniki National Road reopens to traffic; no trucks over 3.5 tons

The Athens-Thessaloniki national highway was opened to traffic again as of 17:00 on Friday as promised, with restrictions, the Fire Brigade spokesperson Yiannis Artopios said during the daily emergency briefing at the Coordinating Operations Center in Larissa.

Artopios said that lanes in both directions are open to cars, and to trucks up to 3.5 tons. Heavier trucks cannot travel on the national highway, except for vehicles related to Civil Protection, state-owned vehicles serving flood-affected areas, and trucks used to collect and transport dead animals.
All basic roads in the triangle between Larissa, Karditsa, and Trikala are open, as well.

The Fire Brigade and Civil Protection are continuing to pump floodwaters out, based on citizen requests, while all Civil Protection services are supplying affected Thessaly residents with food, water, and medicine.