FinMin Hatzidakis: Overperformance of 2024 draft budget reflects economy’s overperformance

The 2024 draft budget showns an overperformance because the Greek economy is overperforming, National Economy & Finance Minister Kostis Hatzidakis said after tabling the budget in Parliament on Monday.

The budget envisages a growth rate of 3%, a harmonised inflation rate of 2,4%, a 12.1% increase in investments, an unemployment rate of 10.6% and a primary surplus of 2.1% of GDP.

“Our economy is doing well. This development is recognized by international organizations,” Hatzidakis said. “We see that for that reason, even though 2023 was a national election year, even though we experienced unprecedented natural catastrophes, our budget withstood circumstances. We fulfilled all our campaign commitments. We will fulfil all our commitments in 2024 as well, continuing the same mix of economic policy: economic seriousness with social sensitivity.”

On his part, Deputy Economy Minister Thanos Petralias said the budget showed “a consistency in words and deeds”. It also “includes the necessary funds to compensate those affected by the recent natural catastrophes, and permanent funding to manage future ones.”