Economic good news from European Commission dominates PM’s review of the past week

The European Commission forecasts and the good news regarding the Greek economy, as well as the financial support that will be given to vulnerable households in December and measures to combat high prices were the top issues that Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis addressed during his weekly review, posted each Sunday on social media.
The prime minister said the EU Commission’s autumn forecast placed Greece 3rd among the 27 EU member-states in terms of growth, which will remain above the Eurozone average until 2025, accompanied by a reduction in the deficit and debt, higher employment and a gradual decline in inflation.
He noted that the government’s fiscally balanced policy was yielding results and that the ‘growth surplus’ will be returned to society to help more vulnerable households now struggling with high prices, especially for food, with 352 million euros in benefits to be handed out in December to those most in need.
He also referred to the measures to help contain price hikes through the Permanent Price Reduction programme, fines imposed on those violating laws on unfair profits and breakthroughs by the police in prosecuting fraud at the expense of the state health insurance organisation.
The prime minister also welcomed the signing of contracts to upgrade accident and emergency departments in nine state hospitals, the start of a national programme against child obesity, and the signature of agreements for the construction of a new courthouse in Piraeus, due to be delivered in 2025.
Lastly, he outlined a new programme subsidising the refurbishment of older, unused apartments so they can be put on the market at low rents, the introduction of more digital services at consular authorities to assist Greeks living abroad and, lastly, the findings of a report on water management in flood-stricken Thessaly and the first compensation paid to flood victims in the region.
Mitsotakis concluded by welcoming the inclusion of a Greek white win from western Macedonia in the list of the top 100 wines in the world for 2023, noting that “this reflects the Greece we want and can create”.