State Department: Gerapetritis meets Blinken and signs Greece’s accession to the “Artemis” space cooperation agreements

United States-. With the signing ceremony by Giorgos Gerapetritis of Greece’s accession act to the “Artemis” space cooperation agreements, which is part of the framework of the 5th Strategic Dialogue between the two countries, the meeting of the Foreign Ministers of Greece and the United States at the State Department was completed on Friday.

The head of the State Department emphasized, among other things, that US relations are stronger than ever. Meanwhile, Giorgos Gerapetritis expressed his sincere condolences to the families of the five crew members of the military helicopter who lost their lives on Thursday in a tragic accident.


He referred to the relationship between the two countries through the strategic dialogue, noting that “we can define a vision and strengthen policies based on common values, in order to collaborate for the prosperity of our nations and global peace.”

Following the conclusion of the meeting, the two ministers declared the beginning of the 5th Strategic Dialogue between Greece and the US, in which Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Alexandra Papadopoulou and Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs for Economic Diplomacy and Extroversion, Kostas Fragogiannis, participated.

The topics covered in the 5th Strategic Dialogue include Regional Developments, Defense and Security, Humanitarian Challenges and Disaster Preparedness, Energy and Environment, Law Enforcement and Counterterrorism, Trade and Investment, and the Bonds between the two peoples.

Blinken: Relations with Greece stronger than ever

Blinken said that the US are so grateful for the partnership between US and Greece. “ Thank you for all that you do to further understanding of space to the benefit of everyone here on Earth. I’m very happy to host my colleagues for what is now our fifth US-Greece strategic dialogue, but also for this ceremony marking an important new step in our relationship. The partnership between our countries is in my judgment the strongest it’s ever been. This was reinforced when I had a chance to visit Athens a year ago for our last strategic dialogue and also reinforced by my recent visit just a few weeks ago when I met prime minister in Crete. Our countries are working together to promote peace and stability, standing with Ukraine, defending freedom of navigation in the Red Sea, confronting terrorists, providing life-saving humanitarian assistance to people who need it, responding to natural disasters. We’re bolstering transatlantic defense and security to our mutual defense cooperation agreement. Our work to strengthen NATO. The sale of F-35 Jets to Greece. We are building more opportunities for our people,” he said.

“ We are further developing our defense capability. The imminent acquisition of up to 40 F-35 fighter jets demonstrates the depth of Greek-American relations and highlights our excellent defense cooperation, as governed by the MDCA,” Gerapetritis said on the same topic.

Regarding the cooperation between Greece and US, he emphasized that such substantive collaboration is needed today not only at a bilateral level but also globally under the auspices of International Law, as there are regional conflicts from Ukraine to the South Caucasus and from Gaza to the Red Sea and the Sahel region.

He referred to Greece’s role in the Eastern Mediterranean, which is a pillar of security, and spoke about its role in NATO and the EU. “We actively support the EU enlargement towards the Western Balkans and Ukraine,” Gerapetritis said. He also mentioned the Cyprus issue, while for the Middle East, he emphasized,

Regarding the Middle East, he said that Greece – thanks to its relations with both Israel and the Arab countries – can work constructively to prevent further deterioration of the humanitarian situation and work for sustainable peace. “And on this occasion, I would like to emphasize the relentless efforts of Secretary Blinken to prevent escalation and humanitarian disaster in the Middle East, from where he has just returned,” said.

Regarding Ukraine, he said that Greece is hosting, in cooperation with the European Investment Bank, an International Conference next week for the country’s reconstruction.