Greece’s key aim is strengthening relations with India and encouraging EU to also do so

Athens, Greece.- Greece is the natural entrance step into Europe and beyond, Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis said at the opening address of the annual ‘Raisina Dialogue’ in New Delhi on Wednesday.

Mitsotakis spoke of Greece and India’s long partnership “between the world’s oldest democracy and the world’s largest democracy,” and added that “Greece can act as an interlocutor between India and Europe.” He also issued an invitation to Indian enterprises to join Greece, and said Greece and India, whose ties spanned millennia, shared the same values and were closer than ever. “Greece is doing well and we say to Indian companies, please come with us on this journey,” he underlined.

India, he said, is an example for the world that must become known, in terms of its strong economic development, solidarity, and prosperity. “Today India is a global power, a leading player,” he said, while adding that boosting EU-India relations should be a key target for Europe, as they are for Greece.

Mitsotakis mentioned the similarities of the two countries in shared values and effort for reforms. He also spoke of populism, saying that in Greece in 2015-2019 in particular populism promised much but delivered nothing, and then politics changed.

The Greek premier also stressed that Greece has “one of the highest development rates in the eurozone and the fastest reduction of debt in terms of GDP,” while it is described as ‘country of the year’ for its achievements. “I am proud to be speaking to you today of a different Greece,” he said, but added “we have a lot more to do until 2030.” In addition, he referred to investments between the countries, particularly of the Indian investment in the new airport of Kasteli on Crete.

Mitsotakis also referred to developments in the Middle East, climate change, artificial intelligence, and the war in Ukraine that has completed two years. “Ukraine is much more than just a war in Europe. It is a challenge in global stability,” he underlined.