PM Mitsotakis thanks the youth of ND for the successful election battles they fought together

Athens, Greece.- Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis, speaking at the National Conference of the Youth Organization of New Democracy (DAP NDFK) on Friday, thanked the youth of the party for their collective efforts in achieving the significant electoral successes of 2023.

The Prime Minister said that six years after the previous national conference of DAP NDFK, Greece in 2024 has experienced high rates of development and single-digit unemployment.

He emphasized that the middle class has been relieved of tax burdens, the minimum wage has been increased three times and will exceed 800 euros after the fourth increase. “ I had set a target of 1,500 euros for the average wage and 950 euros for the minimum wage. I am more than sure that we will achieve it,” he said.

Mitsotakis referred to the digital state, artificial intelligence, and spoke of the new Greece of the digital era, which the government is gradually building.
“ Soon we will celebrate half a century of democracy and together the 50 years of New Democracy,” Mitsotakis noted. The Greek premier said that next Friday, the free university that DAP NDFK first designed in 1987 will finally be voted on in Parliament.

“We have set a central goal. Our country to converge in all respects with the European reality,” he stated.