Bold increase in the minimum wage, Labour Min Michailidou says

Athens, Greece.- The Cabinet approved the rise in the minimum wage to 830 euros and the minimum daily wage to 37.07 euros,” stated the Minister of Labour and Social Security Domna Michailidou, during a press conference on Friday.

“This is a bold increase of 50 euros per month, with which the government fulfills its commitment for better wages for our fellow citizens,” she stressed.

Michailidou added that with the new significant increase in the minimum wage, the fourth consecutive one since 2019, to be applied from April 1, 2024, three additional wages have been added to workers’ income.

Additionally, the Minister of Labour and Social Security noted that the new increase in the minimum wage is the result of consultation with social and scientific bodies and takes into account the needs of households, the resilience of businesses, and the prospects of the Greek economy while addressing the effects of inflation.