Greece establishes experimental school for specialized training in tourism

Athens, Greece.– The Joint Ministerial Decision to transform the School of Higher Tourism Education (SAEK) of Macedonia into the first nationwide Experimental School of Higher Vocational Training in Tourism under the supervision of the Ministry of Tourism was signed by Deputy Minister of Tourism Elena Rapti in collaboration with Deputy Minister of Education, Religions and Sports Ioanna Lytrivi.

This decision strengthens the integration of experimentation into tourism education currently provided by the Ministry of Tourism. The Macedonian Tourism Experimental School is located in the educational hotel Xenia-Helios in Peraia, Thessaloniki. Since 2023, it has offered two experimental specialties: Travel and Tourism Operations Executive and Hospitality Operations Executive, with specialization in the area of room management.

Educational, scientific, and research know-how has been provided by the Association of Tourism Bureaus of Macedonia-Thrace, the Hellenic Chamber of Hotels, and the Thessaloniki Convention Bureau.

“A fundamental aspect of the ministry’s new policy for tourism education is to provide updated and competitive tourism education, monitor the needs of the tourism market, and enhance employment in the tourism sector through them. This is a significant reform challenge, and we are pleased to have our most valuable asset, our educators at the Tourism Ministry, assist us,” Rapti noted.