The hidden meaning of words.Script

“The hidden meanings of words” is the history of young girl that “is enclosed” in Institution for delayed children (suffers from syndrome Down), where knows one young man internee, that becomes inmate of Institution, when dies his mother.

The young man living the reject by the side of his father, but has recovered big part of his intelligence with her help his mother .

Unfortunately for him his mother dies also thus in the Institution the young man will know the young girl and she will want it learns to him the “hidden meanings of words”, all that is to say hide expert when they do not want say the truth for the things!

A “script ” on the diversity from the side of however young girl that “escaped ” from the naivety of his low intelligence and was found in the hard world of significances, that use the persons in order to they hurt “different”!

Very difficult but shocking subject in the base of novel that was published by the Publications “Armos” with the homonym title.