Greek wines maturing thanks to global demand

Greek wine is getting credibility in the wine world and defying its economic climate.
Exports are strong and just recently, two big Greek wine heavyweights, Angelos Iatrides of Alpha Estate and Paris Sigalas of Sigalas Winery have visited Australia to boost up their exports.
Alpha Estate exports 32 per cent of its stock, while Sigalas Winery exports 42 per cent.
Australia’s Greek population makes for a good investment and has been a primary buyer of good Greek wines, something that only recently has seen a rise in demand.
The Greek wine industry has matured after a slow start. The profession of oenology was not officially recognised by the government until 1987 and there was no association of sommeliers until 1997.
Now what Greek winemakers are seeing is an increase in domestic demand. Gone are the days when the homemade wine was king.
Sigalas Winery produces wines on the idyllic island of Santorini, having the added bonus of very fertile land thanks to the proximity of Santorini’s volcano.
Santorini boasts a very long history of winemaking, with evidence of vineyards in Thira since the 17th century BC.
Alpha Estate is produced in Florina in the wine region of Amyndeon and boasts a technologically advanced underground cellar.

Source: The Australian