Attention! Come Centaur!!

By Michalis Kokkinaris
Leaves to us amazed the tolerance of Brittanies of deputies in the intention of biotechnological laboratories to mix human and animal genetic material, in order that the chimerical foetuses are used for experimental aims!
They henceforth appear consequently long gone those who pointed out few years before, writing:  “Should the not expert know that in the biotechnological laboratories are created chimerically and  trangenetics types, that force the limitsincorporating animals genes in genetic material of plants, with technical anacombinate DNA.Biotechnologist took the gene that is accountable for the emission of light in fire-fly, him they inserted in genetic material of plant smoke… and the leaves of smoke they shone!”
Thus the natural environment and the types that exist think henceforth as material for the replanning of life us they  like!
And the passage naturally in the human genetic material is also possible, but also legitimate henceforth, when in any case we have!
The continuity is inadequate for adults!