New language classes for students from Greece in Melbourne

Concerned by the lack of opportunity given to newly arrived Greek migrant students to maintain the Greek language, the Greek Orthodox Community of Melbourne and Victoria have developed an inititiave to identify this gap and offer a solution based on feedback provided by the community.
The GOCMV have invited the community to have their say and voice their needs to develop new community language skills that will enable the newly arrived migrants to maintain the level of Greek studies they were learning in Greece.
GOCMV committee member Nick Dallas told Neos Kosmos that this is not a new concern of the community. He said the GOCMV have been contacted by newly arrived migrants who are concerned that their children’s language skills are not improving and, in some cases, are deteriorating.
“When you have students coming here form Greece who are fluent in Greek, they’re at a different standard and they aren’t being accomodated,” said Mr Dallas.
He says the solution of placing these students – who have advanced Greek language skills – a few years higher raises the issue of an age gap between them and their fellow students.
As it stands, the GOCMV are developing a survey in order to collate information of the needs of these new students.
“We need to find out who they are and where they are, and try and find some solutions,” says Mr Dallas.
With the information, Mr Dallas says the intention of the GOCMV is to launch new classes next year separate to the current community language schools to accomodate for the newly arrived students and offer them education solutions. The goal is to introduce classes for both primary and secondary school students in the 2014 school year.
“If Neos Kosmos readers know of recently arrived persons from Greece with school-age children, they should inform them of this initiative and encourage them to make contact with the GOCMV and request a survey,” he said.
To take part in the survey, visit
For more information or to provide feedback, contact the GOCMV on (03) 9662 2722 or email [email protected]