Economou sternly critical of SYRIZA’s decision to allow Polakis ‘back into the fold’

Athens.- The choice made by main opposition SYRIZA-Progressive Alliance and its leader Alexis Tsipras regarding the MP Pavlos Polakis “clearly shows the direction they intend to follow, a path of extremes and divisiveness,” government spokesperson Yiannis Economou said on SKAI television on Sunday. He was commenting on the main opposition’s decision on Saturday to allow Polakis to return and run on a SYRIZA election ticket.
According to Economou, the often controversial MP represented a “key component of SYRIZA” and “its central political line” and the decision to allow him to return indicates a “break with normality, moderation, reason and respect for the rules of democracy and the institutions”.
The government spokesperson noted that Greece and its democracy have “paid dearly for toxicity and extremes” and said that “those of us who want Greece to continue in the right direction, who know Greece must not and cannot go back, are many more in number.”
Regarding the government’s various support policies, he said their aim was to “help society cope with the great and real difficulties that it must contend with in daily life” while the government’s ultimate goal was for wages to increase and converge even more with average European incomes in the public and private sector.
Economou also referred to the “shock” of the tragedy at Tempi and the need to regain the citizens’ trust, as well as the replacement of the chief of police, while stressing that it was essential to “trust in the work done by the men and women of the police force” for the good and lawful functioning of the state.