Hellenic Classical Charter School Students Travel to Athens, Greece and London, England for Research

Brooklyn, ΝΥ. A team of five sixth grade students from the Hellenic Classical Charter School will be visiting the New Acropolis Museum in Athens, Greece and the British Museum in London, England for a six-day research expedition from January 13th to January 19th, 2016. Mr. Petros Fourniotis, theatre-dance coordinator of HCCS, who envisioned this research venture, will be leading the team.

The students will receive first-hand knowledge of the Parthenon Sculptures and will gather information they will use to create a theatrical performance to compete at the New York City History Day Fair.DSC_6635-770x470

For years, the National History Day program has provided students with opportunities to learn historical content and develop research, thinking and communication skills through the study of history. Under this year’s theme of “Exploration, Encounter, Exchange,” the students are creating a script entitled “Lord Elgin and the Six Sisters.”

Their research concentrates on the controversial removal and transport of the Parthenon Sculptures from Greece to Britain, by the Earl of Elgin, in 1801. More specifically, the students are interested in the “Caryatid,” which are six female statues originally used to support the porch of the Erechtheion Temple at the Acropolis in Athens. One of those original six “sisters” was removed by Lord Elgin and is now on display in the British Museum.

The research trip will include a guided tour of the Acropolis and interviews with both the President of the New Acropolis Museum, Dr. Dimitrios Pandermalis, and Senior Curator of the British Museum, Dr. Ian Jenkins, who is an expert on Ancient Greece, specifically Ancient Greek sculpture.

This life changing experience would not have been possible without the support and generous donations of families and friends of the Hellenic Classical Charter School. This intellectual experience for our students is due to the commitment of the dynamic principal, Christina Tettonis, and the school board.

“This is a proud moment for HCCS! Our students will have the opportunity to build knowledge on their topic and have their questions answered by experts”, said Charles Capetanakis, School Board Chairman

“One of my lifelong dreams for HCCS is finally coming true”, said the Principal Christina Tettonis.